Dan's New Digs!

Please see Dan, about a month in - He has a new home and been thru a slight bought of "ick" which I have treated. I do have to get him a new plant. The one here is slowly dying away. I will get that tomorrow!

This plant was a bit too big anyway. But doing good!

Meet Dan The Fish

I am the founder and site lead for my neighborhood on Nextdoor.com. Yesterday, a family in one of my surrounding neighborhoods posted a Beta fish and birds. FREE! I can't have birds. Long story. But I just got the fish. The family named him Gordo. I renamed him Dan after my buddy Dan Gibby. Please meet Dan. 

So excited! I love his blue color. He even matches my decor! OMG! 

Feeding Time

Every day - 5:30 - If not before, time to feed the ducks! They are adorable! 

Egg Attack -

There will be no photo here....I went over the vacant house to pull weeds off the patio and the nest has been attacked. 4 eggs partially eaten. Mert and Gert are fine - I guess that is the silver lining.....  :( 

Gert's Eggs

Holy Crap! Look! 

How Cool Is This Dog?

A picture worth a thousand words................


Pekin Ducks are VERY smart. They imprint on you or you do on them very quickly. Their hearing and vision is exceptional. When I'm out in my back yard in the evening, they can hear me (mostly because I'm out there with my Father who is quite deaf so I'm basically screaming) and they come looking for dinner. It is now branching out to anytime I come and go. I swear they know the sound of my car and my garage door opening! Gert's on the nest so maybe she needs to eat more often. She's always the ring leader..... I'm quacked! 

Introducing: Lola Bon Jovi

Two and a half years ago, I went to the vet's office to get my 3 sick cats their special food. On the wall was a flyer that said "LOLA NEEDS YOUR HELP" and it went on from there. Come to find out, Lola was my vet's Grandmother's dog (GiGi) who had to go into a nursing home. My vet (the AMAZING Dr. Formoso) took Lola in but her dog, Sasha, went insane! She was ruining Dr. Meg's house and attacking Lola and so Meg took her to her office where she sat in a kennel for 6 weeks. (Not the entire day - she was walked and played with) but at night, into the kennel she had to go. I don't know what came over me when I saw this flyer...I see them regularly when I go into the vet's office. But this time - I LOST it. The short of it - I have the distinct pleasure to introduce you to Lola......

Could use a brush!!! O_o

One More For Steve

This photo is from last summer - I went out one morning and this poor little guy got stuck in the chain link fence. He was about three rungs up off the ground - tiny legs flipping around.....just frantic. Obviously, he was freed and went straight for the canal. Hope he found da Mama! 

Ok, I will give ya'll a break on turtles for a bit! :) BTW, I have not seen Mama Soft Shell for a day and a half. Maybe all the eggs have been laid? 

One Mean Mutha!

This post is for you Steve K! I mentioned on FB that I have a problem with a Florida Soft Shell Turtle in my yard. It first surfaced last summer and I got it out of the yard. This year it has been here almost daily and has ripped my yard to frickin shreds. My yard looks like hammered sh*t in a sack! 

This is not a nice turtle. Their teeth are gnarly. I would hate to be bitten by it. And, it is quite a sizable turtle. She has got to be over 24 inches across.  (They are also known as pancake turtles because they are one of the flattest species).