In Memoriam - Boo - 1993 to 2010

Amanda's sweet little Boo passed away yesterday.

Although I never met him, Amanda has shared stories and photos with me over the time I have known her. We each have all-black cats, so we shared their trials and tribulations.

Boo was a tiny boy, just 6 pounds! How cute is that? Always like a kitten!!!

I am sure Amanda and her family will greatly miss their little Boo.

Good Bye Boo....You have Speck, Miss Runtie, and Timmy to play with.

Prayer For Boo

A friend of mine and this blog is Crafty Amanda. You have met her here in earlier posts.

Amanda has a cat named Boo, and he's not feeling well. This little ball of fluff is only 6 pounds! She's had him for 17 years.

Please say a prayer that Boo makes a speedy recovery. Here he is in 2002. What a darling baby!

We love you Boo! Get well soon!

Canadian Ducks

My Millie's neighbor Bonnie is trying to compete with me. (Look for a Canada Duck Tale blog soon!) DOH!

Bonnie has a lovely pool - the cover is still on, as the season isn't open.....for people anyway.....

The pool is open - for the Quackers!

Canadian Mourning Dove

My mother in law, a lovely woman from Canada, sent me the following photos of what appears to be a Mourning Dove making a nest in her neighbor's hanging basket. How cute is this?


More Wood Stork

He keeps coming back. Just hangs out! Here he is again!

Stay tuned.

It's Spring and there is all kinds of "PlayBoy Mansion"
activities going on here. Just have to catch it!