One More For Steve

This photo is from last summer - I went out one morning and this poor little guy got stuck in the chain link fence. He was about three rungs up off the ground - tiny legs flipping around.....just frantic. Obviously, he was freed and went straight for the canal. Hope he found da Mama! 

Ok, I will give ya'll a break on turtles for a bit! :) BTW, I have not seen Mama Soft Shell for a day and a half. Maybe all the eggs have been laid? 

One Mean Mutha!

This post is for you Steve K! I mentioned on FB that I have a problem with a Florida Soft Shell Turtle in my yard. It first surfaced last summer and I got it out of the yard. This year it has been here almost daily and has ripped my yard to frickin shreds. My yard looks like hammered sh*t in a sack! 

This is not a nice turtle. Their teeth are gnarly. I would hate to be bitten by it. And, it is quite a sizable turtle. She has got to be over 24 inches across.  (They are also known as pancake turtles because they are one of the flattest species). 

In Memoriam - Zoe, Simon & Jack

As mentioned during my "meet Mert & Gert post, there have been lots of goings on.

My three cats passed away. Zoe, Simon and Jack all succumbed to old age. Zoe passed 2 years ago March, Simon that May and Jack made it until the following February. Various illnesses from cancer to diabetes claimed them.

I miss them every day.

RIP Boyz~

WOW! It's Been A LOOOONG Time

My gosh, I had no idea it has been this long since I have posted anything. So many animals have come and gone! To make a long story short, the reason I am back at this, DUCKS! ;) I had a friend who lived across the street. She adopted two Pekin Ducks, a male and a female. Mert & Gert. Well, she moved to Colorado. The new home owners were taking care of the ducks. They moved after a year. The realtor, a lovely woman named Karen and I have been taking care of feeding. She buys the food, and I do the physical work of feeding them. That is enough for now........but please meet Mert & Gert....