Christmas Swan

My sister and I were out back this morning unwrapping Chrissie the Christmas Tree - out of the blue, we saw an amazing beautiful swan. These photos do not do it justice nor does it capture the size of this beauty. Alone and tranquil this moment took our breath away. I really don't have any words to express this event. It is by far the most amazing thing I have seen on the canal to date. A blessing.........that about sums it up..... 

A Little Over A Year Ago......

....Was Operation December Duck. Man, where did that year go???

I still have a few of the girls (5 of them), that are here in my sub-division. Two are here almost daily. Portia and Ellen. (I think they are a "couple" - and Ellen has tried to have her way with me in the pool...).

I still look for my flock every time I drive in and out. In fact, I saw a mostly white duck the other nite on the way to dinner, but I couldn't stop - had The Rents in the car.

I have also had the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks here in September. I took a bunch of pictures of them, but I have them on here already. The Beaks came back in the fall. No iguanas of any consequence since last year's freeze. We have had quite a few ducklings on the lake side, but nothing too exciting over here.

Maybe when the spring comes, I will have more news. It's been a quiet few months.

Merry Merry! Quack, Quack where ever you are my flock...... I think about you and miss you every day.