Blue Jay

When I got to the gym this morning, this little guy was in the shrub in front of my usual parking space. Of course when I pulled in, further into the shrub he went. I don't know if you can see him...I tried to outline him.

December 1st Revisited~

I didn't have the heart to update the post about Porsche being "on the nest". Raccoons! Ugh! No new babies here. :(

In other news; December 1st. I am reminded of my first December post:

Oh how I wanted to ducks to fly and be free, and get my lawn back. I have regretted it ever since. Live and learn.

December 1st will always be a little sad for me. Oh well, I will go out and feed Porsche and Ellen (and the boys), maybe that will boost my spirits! After all, Merry Merry! :)