Blue Jay

When I got to the gym this morning, this little guy was in the shrub in front of my usual parking space. Of course when I pulled in, further into the shrub he went. I don't know if you can see him...I tried to outline him.

December 1st Revisited~

I didn't have the heart to update the post about Porsche being "on the nest". Raccoons! Ugh! No new babies here. :(

In other news; December 1st. I am reminded of my first December post:

Oh how I wanted to ducks to fly and be free, and get my lawn back. I have regretted it ever since. Live and learn.

December 1st will always be a little sad for me. Oh well, I will go out and feed Porsche and Ellen (and the boys), maybe that will boost my spirits! After all, Merry Merry! :)

Porsche's On The Nest!!!

Well, bad foot or not, Porsche has been playing with boys and she's out back sitting on eggs! When I went to take this shot, she got very angry and started after me! Peeping and flapping her wings!

Mama Elsa lives on!!! Funnily enough, she built her nest in the exact same spot where Elsa did....

It's a really safe spot, having the pool wall on one side. Too bad its not the side that faces east - better hurrican coverage. Irene hits today! Eeek! O_o

Porsche's Home!

Good news! She's out of the hospital!

It was so busy at the Wildlife Center, I didn't think to take a picture when they first handed her to me.

I drove home with the A/C off, and was a wet dripping mess by the time we got here. I swear that duck pooped the entire trip in the car. How many ducks get to go for a ride in the car?? Scared shitless comes to mind! :)

I took her out back and her sister was sitting under the patio table. When I opened the cage to let her out, Ellen attacked her! It was AWFUL! I picked Ellen up and tossed her over the fence. Porsche hobbled into the yard and flew away. She was out of sight for about 3 hours.

She's still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the canal, but I did finally get some pictures of her. She's free. 

She's in God's hands now. The Humans have done all they can.

Good News!

I just got a call from the Wildlife Center and Porsche is able to come home tomorrow. YAY!

There was a smidge of bad news - she is going to have a permanent limp. :(

I will get some pics of her tomorrow from the habitat and coming home.

Overall, good news!


Does anything else need to be said here?  :)

Porsche The Duck

Last Saturday we came home from dinner and one of our girls was out back and had a very badly hurt left foot. I tried to make her a nest and put her in there - No go. She sat out back for 3 days. She didn't get any better.

I called the Wildlife Care Center and they sent the ambulance and picked her up. She's been there a week today. She has a multiple fractured foot. She is on pain meds and antibiotics. Foot in a cast, resting on snuggly towels in her cage out in the pond hospital.

Believe it or not, I don't have a picture of I can find anyway. I'll go and see her next week, so I'll get one then.

The good news is she is on the mend. I am sure she's isn't too happy being in captivity, but she is getting the care she needs. Once she is healed, I will go and get her and bring her back here. More then!

UPDATE: 7/22: Porsche is still in the hospital but the cast is off the foot. There is still quite a bit of heat in the foot, so she is still on pain meds and antibiotics. She's safe and on the mend. That's the main thing. More soon!

The Camels Are Real

Ok SM - you nay-sayer....

When you saw this post you said these weren't camels at all!

AHA! They were/are camels!

And yes, I was this close.

Take that! :)

What a dorkus I am! O_o

So my has several small lakes. There is one on the way in (or out - :) that you must pass coming or going.

This weekend, I was coming home & noted two all white ducks on the lake. I thought HOLY COW! Spentie and Angel! I pulled the car over and sat there and stared....something wasn't quite right about them. They weren't moving.

They were decoys.....*red face*

Christmas Camels

I live in a subdivision that is very "horsey". It's a darling towne filled with skads of horse farms. Across the street from my subdivision is a farm that has hay rides! The Engineer is not one to do such a thing, and I don't have any friends here, so I've not done it. I have however, seen camels in their barnyard every Decemember. I "think" they are used in the amazing Christmas pagent held downtown every year.

This is an awful photo. I tried to zoom in, but its still blurry. I have pointed out the 3 camels. They look more like bales of hay, but honestly, they're camels.