One Of Their Trips Home~

This is a bit out of sequence but no matter! Here they are, all together, before the others peeled off...

Back Into Duckuence

As you may recall, December 1st, 2009 was Operation Decemeber Duck. I had to get these ducks to live on their own, (and take our yard back). EMPHASIS on ducks being on their own.

Spentie, Lady Houndstooth, Lord Houndstooth, Frederick and 2 Braveheats took off on 12/2/09 and we didn't see them for 3 days. I searched and searched. They all came home on a Sunday, had lunch, and hung out. Then they took off again for a few days and came back.

This photo was taken the second week of December. These are the last photos I have of Spentie, and 5 others. They all flew off and I have not seen them again. I look for them every day.

Although this saddens me, I know they're ok. When 6 birds are missing, it's not due to harm. They're out living their lives. Surely someone saw Spentie & gang, their beauty (they really are so much prettier than the Wild Birds!)  

I do hope I will see Spentie and the gang again. I sure miss them......

A Sawsall, A Dead Iguana, & Me

I don't know how many of you wake-up at day break on a Saturday, don your spouse's boxers, a pair of hiking boots and head out to the yard. That is exactly what I did today, with a quick stop in the garage for the Sawsall.

Today was bulk trash day so I had quite a bit of work to do. You see, we had quite a cold snap here, and many of my plants dropped leaves, and were in quite a state. I started out front to rake up a huge pile of rubber tree plant leaves and just as I started, I found a dead iguana. The poor thing apparently froze to death. I picked him up with a shovel, and put him in the side yard. So sad.

I raked the rubber tree leaves, then took the Sawsall out back. I was joined by all of the neighborhood ducks, hoping for some food. Sorry girls, Mama is bizy today! :)  

I gave the banana tree a huge "hair cut". Then I went after the plants on the other side of the pool fountain. "Something" has been living in there and has killed a goodly portion of the plants. "The Engineer" asked me to get rid of the plants as he plans on building a small deck, and a covered patio table, akin to our favorite restaurant's outdoor seating.

The stars must have been aligned just so, because the exact moment I took the last load of brush to the curb, here came the bulk trash truck! YAHOO! Then I buried the iguana. It is buried opposite Timmy, in the side yard.

I sure am collecting spirit guides of the animal kingdom. :(

"The Engineer" gets to go at the back yard with a pick axe tomorrow to finish what I started. Ick.

My Screen Saver

I have 3 screens on my computer. I get to look at this all day.

This was in mid-November.



This is the next frame. Thought I would share....

More Ducks!

One of the Bravehearts or Runtie Jr's as I call them. There are five girls that look so much like her!!!

Two more girls...

More girls, Timmy & Tommy..How darn cute are they??


I took a break from my sewing to run down and get some more coffee. As I always do, I looked out back to see what, if anything, is going on, or who has come for a visit.

I was surprised to see what I thought was a leaf moving across the lawn. Well, it was a turtle! Only about 6 inches long. He of course drew his head and feet in when I approached. I took these two photos and left him alone.

I did disturb him by turning him over. He must have been freaking out.

Indy Duck Pictures

Lady Houndstooth

In November, I took photos of each individual duck. I will post them over the next couple of days.



Happy New Year~

I have been so sad about Timmy, I lost my love for this blog. I had to take a break. Additionally, I had a death in the family and had to go out of state for a week. I am home and still quite heart broken over Timmy.

Before Timmy passed, my sister bought me a Webkinz duck. I named him Timmy. He has an adoption certificate and everything. Here is the stuffed Timmy, but the real Timmy lives on in my heart.     :(