For The Record.....

Meet "The 17's".
These Muscovy ducks live at the lake across the street.

Before I tell my tale, I feel its important to know a little about me. I am not an animal husbandry major, a vet, or any other water fowl professional. I am a city girl from Los Angeles. The most nature I came across is when my neighbor put a goat in his back yard. (that's another blog). ^_^

What I can say about me, is that I take care of things. People mostly. I care for my two parents, 3 Katz and The Engineer. I am a sentimental fool! When I was young, and my brothers were mean to my stuffed animals, I would cry because I thought the stuffed animals had feelings. (what a dork!!)

Before I moved here, I never heard of a Muscovy duck. In fact, we had company from the UK that raised them and told us all about them. Apparently Muscovy's are the veal of ducks. Ew.

I have come to find them to be nice companions while I am out back, reading or swimming. They're quiet and friendly.

I have come to really enjoy my Muscovy ducks. :)


Tami said...

Awww, Jodi, I'm with you...I love ducks! We have seen some of the "ugliest" ducks around here but I would take in every one of them. I'm so jealous that you have them in your backyard!

On the other hand, we have about 30 geese and one Mallard duck that love the river across the street from us. They love to walk up from the river and stand across the street from our house and taunt our cats! They're cute, too, until you have to clean up after them...yuck!

Tami (from FC)

MuscovyDucksMom said...

Oh I hear ya Tami! There is quite a bit of cleaning up with these ducks. It's worth it. More on that later.