April 28, 2009

This particular morning I went out back
and found Miss Runtie dead next to the pool fountain.

To say it was a gruesome death is an understatement.
What could have done such destruction?

I buried Miss Runtie in my side yard and then got on the phone. I called every "animal" entity I could find, even my home owner's association. I kept getting the same reply. "Unless you have an alligator in your yard, and you can see it, we can't help you". WTH?

                         So now I'm ticked....

...And full of vengenance. Dad and I went out and bought a trap. As I said,  I'm a city girl. I have never trapped anything! What in the hell am I doing? The trap box had lots of bait ideas. The first two nites I caught baby possums. I drove them out of the neighborhood and let them go. The third nite....

Check it out!!  A 30 pound Raccoon!!

I threw a blanket over the cage and The Engineer and I put it in the car and we drove it 5 miles away and let it loose. Take that you bugger! (The raccoon ripped the blanket to shreds).

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