Is This Spentie????

A duck showed up today that I swear is Spentie. I have not seen Spentie in two months. When Spentie and Angel were 2-3 months old, they both started getting black spots on their foreheads. Angel's is gone. He is getting a black spot on his right lower back.

Here are photos of Spentie from October and December, 2009.

Seen in 12/09

This one is 10/24/09

This is October 31st.

Ok - here is the new dude that showed up out of the blue this morning:

Is this Spentie??
He even has yellow on his feet! Spentie's feet were almost completely yellow, but with more black than Angel had. My ducks, decendents of Mama Elsa, are the only ducks I have seen here with any yellow on their feet. Can the tip of the beak darken??

Look how much white he has on his breast area....

Angel and the others got their "feathers ruffled" when this dude showed up, but they did that the other night when Timmy came on the scene. I just don't know what to think..

I will post some more tomorrow and be on the lookout for this drake. I'll do some reading to see if this much plumage change and beak darkening is possible.

Gosh I sure hope this is Spentie.....
What a great Valentine's Day present!

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