Memorial Day 2010

The Memorial Day weekend was more than burgers, hot dogs, and remembering our Armned Forces. The wildlife knows none of this. Here is what they do on Memorial Day weekend.

From my brother about this lizard:

"Sis! That is the male Common or Brown Basilisk (Basilicus basilicus). I saw and photographed his mate and/or offspring when I was there! The South American people call it (In Spanish) "The Jesus Christ Lizard" because they can run on their hind legs so fast that they can literally run across the surface tension of the water for considerable distances! Yes, yet another introduced species from South America or Costa Rica via the pet trade, but nonetheless a beautiful and relatively harmless (Omnivorous) species. Their overall impact on your area is probably less than your weed eater. It might pi** off someone for eating their Roses, Petunias or eat a couple fish, bugs or snails. He will become quite impressive if he fully matures, with a large crest down his back and tail! Our brother had a pair of these he bought at the pet shop when we were kids. (They died because they told him to feed them Fruit Cocktail of all lame things!)

Very cool animal"!

Now onto 17 Babies!

Happy Memorial Day!

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