A Little Over A Year Ago......

....Was Operation December Duck. Man, where did that year go???

I still have a few of the girls (5 of them), that are here in my sub-division. Two are here almost daily. Portia and Ellen. (I think they are a "couple" - and Ellen has tried to have her way with me in the pool...).

I still look for my flock every time I drive in and out. In fact, I saw a mostly white duck the other nite on the way to dinner, but I couldn't stop - had The Rents in the car.

I have also had the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks here in September. I took a bunch of pictures of them, but I have them on here already. The Beaks came back in the fall. No iguanas of any consequence since last year's freeze. We have had quite a few ducklings on the lake side, but nothing too exciting over here.

Maybe when the spring comes, I will have more news. It's been a quiet few months.

Merry Merry! Quack, Quack where ever you are my flock...... I think about you and miss you every day.


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