D Day - Operation December Duck

In talking further with the SPCA, they gave me advice on how to ween the ducks. She asked me if I have gone thru all of this to keep them as pets. Of course not! I did this so they had a chance at living a real life.

They suggested that in addition to stop serving their meals in dishes (LOL), that I start cutting back on the feedings. By this time I was only feeding them 6 times a day. (only she said???) Gradually cut back by a meal a day for a week or so and so on. Make the portions smaller. The fact of the matter is, they're never going to go and live their life until the feed bag dries up. (Sniff). Although I know they're right, I'm attached. But they're not attached to me now, I have gone from being mama to being food.

December First.

What this date means: I will have gone from 6 meals, and gradually down to 3 meals a day. Then two. On December First, it's breakfast only Peepers.

December First is the date of this post. My heart is breaking, but it has to be done. Operation December Duck is in process. :(

Oh, there's more to this story, so stay tuned. I have two months of fodder!


Tiffiny Felix said...

They're just so cute :)

Be Kind said...

They really are. I just love these darn duckies. :)