Back Into Duckuence

As you may recall, December 1st, 2009 was Operation Decemeber Duck. I had to get these ducks to live on their own, (and take our yard back). EMPHASIS on ducks being on their own.

Spentie, Lady Houndstooth, Lord Houndstooth, Frederick and 2 Braveheats took off on 12/2/09 and we didn't see them for 3 days. I searched and searched. They all came home on a Sunday, had lunch, and hung out. Then they took off again for a few days and came back.

This photo was taken the second week of December. These are the last photos I have of Spentie, and 5 others. They all flew off and I have not seen them again. I look for them every day.

Although this saddens me, I know they're ok. When 6 birds are missing, it's not due to harm. They're out living their lives. Surely someone saw Spentie & gang, their beauty (they really are so much prettier than the Wild Birds!)  

I do hope I will see Spentie and the gang again. I sure miss them......

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