A Sawsall, A Dead Iguana, & Me

I don't know how many of you wake-up at day break on a Saturday, don your spouse's boxers, a pair of hiking boots and head out to the yard. That is exactly what I did today, with a quick stop in the garage for the Sawsall.

Today was bulk trash day so I had quite a bit of work to do. You see, we had quite a cold snap here, and many of my plants dropped leaves, and were in quite a state. I started out front to rake up a huge pile of rubber tree plant leaves and just as I started, I found a dead iguana. The poor thing apparently froze to death. I picked him up with a shovel, and put him in the side yard. So sad.

I raked the rubber tree leaves, then took the Sawsall out back. I was joined by all of the neighborhood ducks, hoping for some food. Sorry girls, Mama is bizy today! :)  

I gave the banana tree a huge "hair cut". Then I went after the plants on the other side of the pool fountain. "Something" has been living in there and has killed a goodly portion of the plants. "The Engineer" asked me to get rid of the plants as he plans on building a small deck, and a covered patio table, akin to our favorite restaurant's outdoor seating.

The stars must have been aligned just so, because the exact moment I took the last load of brush to the curb, here came the bulk trash truck! YAHOO! Then I buried the iguana. It is buried opposite Timmy, in the side yard.

I sure am collecting spirit guides of the animal kingdom. :(

"The Engineer" gets to go at the back yard with a pick axe tomorrow to finish what I started. Ick.

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