Porsche The Duck

Last Saturday we came home from dinner and one of our girls was out back and had a very badly hurt left foot. I tried to make her a nest and put her in there - No go. She sat out back for 3 days. She didn't get any better.

I called the Wildlife Care Center and they sent the ambulance and picked her up. She's been there a week today. She has a multiple fractured foot. She is on pain meds and antibiotics. Foot in a cast, resting on snuggly towels in her cage out in the pond hospital.

Believe it or not, I don't have a picture of her....one I can find anyway. I'll go and see her next week, so I'll get one then.

The good news is she is on the mend. I am sure she's isn't too happy being in captivity, but she is getting the care she needs. Once she is healed, I will go and get her and bring her back here. More then!

UPDATE: 7/22: Porsche is still in the hospital but the cast is off the foot. There is still quite a bit of heat in the foot, so she is still on pain meds and antibiotics. She's safe and on the mend. That's the main thing. More soon!

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