Lily Bird

My sister and her Leader Dog, Lily came to visit. We all wondered how Lily would do with 3 cats and a yard full of ducks.

As you may or may not know, Leader Dogs are given over a year of intense training to be of service. Lily's work is for the blind. She has given my sister a life she otherwise would not be able to lead. (no pun intended).

When Lily is not on lead, she is just a dog. And what a dog she is! The amazing thing about Lily (an English Lab), is her temperment. We let her out back in a yard filled with ducks and did she scamper after them? Yes she did, but not in a harmful manner. We called it bowling for ducks. The ducks flew away. Be many times she and ducks we yard partners and she didn't give them nary a sniff!

The Engineer gave her an AKC toy duck during her visit. He thought it was hysterical. I have to admit, even though it has a sick twist, we call got a good chuckle. :)

Meet Lily. (Otherwise known as Lily Bird, Bird Dog, & LB)

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