Other Critters

From my brother, the Animal Dude to me via email:

"This is a Green Anole,(Anolis carolinensis) They are native to this area and the larger of the two is most likely a male. They can change color like a Chameleon from tan to bright green. The males display with a large throat fan that is bright pink in the mating season or when fighting each other. They were sold (and probably still are) at K-mart and pet shops by the thousands when I was a kid. I've probably had fifty of them in my lifetime and now they are an introduced species in much of the country and probably other countries as well. There are numerous species of Anole's in America now that have been introduced from Cuba, The Bahamas, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands. There are hundreds  of Brown Anole's Be Kind's house. I caught some when I went back there to see my folks.

They are harmless and will keep the bugs in check to some degree.

Cool stuff!"

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Tiffiny Felix said...

Cute! I love lizard-y critters! I hope your ducks are doing great :)