The New Duck Order

Getting back into sequence, The Peepers settled into their new routine. I let them out of the duck condo bright and early. They would flap their wings and scatter, peeping like mad. After their breakfast, they would swim and preen. During the heat of the day, they took a big rest. Here they are napping under the banana tree, as seen from the watchful eye above. This routine went on for about 2 or 3 weeks....(mind you, every break I took, I ran to a window to check on them. Dad reads in the kitchen window and he keep his eye on them) Thanks Grandpa "Drake".


Amanda said...

Hey, how is the waste thing going? I know when I go to the lake in our neighborhood and the canadian geese have been there it's an awful mess. With all these ducklings, is the poop becoming a problem? BTW I'm serious, not poking fin, was just wondering about your beautiful yard!

Be Kind said...

Yeah I was going to honor an entire post to this topic. Let's face it, there are many things about this process that do not fit into the cute category. This is alot of work. (cannot stress this enough) Stand by! I will be making a comment about this on Wednesday. :(