Graduation Day, October 4, 2009

My working to get "The Peepers", to" Go Be Ducks", has become the mantra around here. The new plan, at the suggestion of the SPCA, is to throw their food in the grass. The staff said I can't keep feeding these ducks out of dishes. What was I thinking? They have to eat like ducks and really learn to fend for themselves. They do forage, but not enough to sustain their lives.

The last few days I did exactly that. All the while trying to keep the wild ducks away so The Peepers could eat. (that in itself was not only frustrating but damn near impossible)!

My other do I get them to fly? I added to the plan. When they finished eating, I picked up each duck, and tossed it into the canal. They flapped their wings and a new light bulb finally came on! FLIGHT!

In the beginning, they just swam back to the island, but on October 4th, I had my first real success. The pictures tell it all.....

This is HUGE! They are across the canal! Woo hoo!

They stayed out for about an hour! They splashed and played, and seemed to be having a grand time. I think the concept has been adopted!

 This is day that took The Peepers from being "mine", to the start of being wild ducks,
living a real duck life.


Tiffiny Felix said...

What a breakthrough! But is it bitter-sweet?

Be Kind said...

It is very bitter-sweet. And I cant stay away from the window because I am so scared for them.

Lauren said...

I haven't read your blog in a little while so I'm kinda starting at the top and reading down to where I left off. Aww I'm so happy they were able to take the plunge! To me this wouldn't be as hard as slowly stopping the feedings! *tear! But you can do it and it will make them happier duckies! Good luck with everything!