The question was raised on one of the last posts by Crafty Amanda about the ducks being free and their poop. The ducks being free is NOT when the poop problem presented itself. It started about 10 hours after they hatched!

My life revolves around this topic on a daily basis. I have 3 - 22 lb. + cats, so there are 2 cat boxes. I have 3 bathrooms so there are 3 toilets to clean. Mom has a bedside commode we call the Pee Piddly Pee Pot, and that has to be cleaned once a day. If it wasn't for poop, I wouldn't have a hobby! :)

I found some other names for this that you might find interesting, or funny:

Cow pies, cowplop, crap, dung, feces, fertilizer, guano, manure, meadow muffin, night soil, ordure,  droppings. poop, body waste, chips, discharge, egesta, evacuation, excreta, fecal matter, secretion, stool,  buffalo chips, compost, cow chips, humus, maul, mulch, peat moss, plant food, potash, top dressing, number two, sh**, stools, shite, caa call, doo doo, poo, ka ka, & turd.

Whatever you call it, I have been cleaning more of it since August 1st. First there were the towels of the brooder that had to be hosed off and washed daily. The brooder had to be cleanded too. The play pen had to be sprayed off and the lawn & towel where the ducks sat. Then the Condo came along. I had a towel on one side that had to be hosed and washed. The Condo and the droppings pan had to be hosed off every morning.

Now that the ducks are free, the patio gets a good hosing 1-2 times a day. I clean the patio with chlorine to keep it sanitary. They don't swim much, so the pool is not a problem. The pool chemicals and the filter keep it in good order.

Parents having to teach kids about and how to do this, is a vital part of all of our young lives. I grew up with boys - so flatulence & potty humor were no stranger to us. I am not offended by it. By the time of this post, the poop issue has not waned my love or interest for the ducks. It has just become a part of my morning & daily routine.

However, I am not, going to post a picture of poo. I just can't. I did find a Swedish website that sells potty training plush toys to help parents help their children fall in love with Pee & Poo. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Pee & Poo - 

So if you find yourself in my position, and want to raise fowl outside of the farm, be forwarned. This is not for the faint of heart or the lazy. The poo part alone is darn near a full time job. (We haven't even started talking about me acclimating them to the wild so more work coming soon!). I am sure, this is the reason why good intentioned parents, buy baby chicks for their kids for Easter and then let them go, give them away or other horrid fates. :(

Anyway, should you be in the need for more pee & poo in your lives, these cute toys  can be purchased here:

....Or you can come by here with your shovel. My extra pee & poo are free....


Amanda said...

OMG hilaious pictures! Great post Jodi. It's good that you brought this up, especially about chicks that get adopted at Easter. That's so true.

Be Kind said...

It was a good time to do a smidge of soap-boxing. The Easter chick thing has always gauled me. If you adopt an animal, do research first! And, don't dump them when the going gets tough. Grrrr! :)

Tiffiny Felix said...

Thanks for the giggles :)