Duck Condo

What do ducks do?

They grow! 

The brooder is quickly becoming too small for The Peepers. They're starting to jump out during the morning venue change. Additonally, it's getting to be messy. What else do ducks do? Doo-doo, and lots of it. I need something for them to sleep in, that will keep them safe from predators, and is easier to clean. I also want them out of the garage. They need fresh air and start getting used to being out in the elements. They are going to be grown once January comes and they can't be too pampered. The Engineer comes to their rescue again. Enter the Duck Condo~

Between 6-7am I get up to let them out.
I go around the side of the house and say
"Good Morning Peepers"! They can't see me yet because of the tarp, but they hear me and start peeping like crazy.
So cute!!!

I love seeing their faces first thing in the morning!!! The yellow one in front is Spentie and the one on the right is Angel. See the beak? That's the hatching injury. What a way to wake up! 

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