Happy Birthday Peepers!

On The Peepers two week birthday, The Engineer went shopping for the perfect gift. Let's see, they outgrew a paint tray (albeit the large size tray), the cement mixing tray was getting confing. The perfect gift had to be their very own pool. Happy Birthday Dear Peepers, Happy Birthday To You! And Many Mooooooooooore! :)

We built an island so when they got tired, they could take a break and preen!



Anonymous said...

Found your blog via Amanda's Cooking' - I think what you're doing is amazing, and I'll definitely come back to visit the babies!


Be Kind said...

Thanks Paula! Its been such an adventure. Please do stay tuned! Lots more story to tell!

Be Kind~

Anonymous said...

You're doing such a great thing!
I find amazing the amount of energy and time you're dedicating to these ducks!
I wish you the best! :)


Lauren said...

I also found your blog via Amanda's Cooking blog. Such a sweet little story about these ducks! Keep updating bc I'm now attached to these sweet little ducklings!

Amanda said...

I have to agree with the others, I'm hooked too :) Love the swimming pool, too sweet!

Be Kind said...

The swimming pool was so cute and they loved it! Stand by - more cute things are coming! (I hope you will find them cute!)