From Kiddie Pool To Adult Pool

Whenever I'm not working, taking care of my folks, cooking, cleaning, or any of my other domestic chores, I am in the pool. Day or night - matters not. During the day, I put the play pen right next to the pool and Mom and I would spend our day swimming.

The Peepers would all gather in the corner closest to the pool. I swear I could see them drooling. :) They wanted to be in the big pool.

After a few weeks, and their growing malaise of their own pool, with The Engineer's assistance, we introduced them to the adult pool. I will let the pictures do the talking here (as I have been...). But I have to say, this was the most fun I have had with the babies. 

These ducks are hilarious!

When I would get out of the pool and walk to the other end, they would all swim like mad to get to the other end, where I stood. I wish I had a video camera and taken this in real time. They had me in stitches!!!

My neighbor, (you will get to hear more about him later), had an exchange student staying with him. Unfortunately they were out back trimming hedges and saw us teaching the ducks a new lesson.  He kept saying to the guy, "Gabriel, this is NOT normal. Americans (he's a Brit) do not swim with ducks. Please do not think that this is common practice. It's not normal". What a grouch. :(


Amanda said...

OMG - love the commentary about your neighbor, what a gas! I am so happy to see your little duckies really swimming! GOOD FOR YOU!!

Be Kind said...

Oh he is just an old grouchy bugger. You just wait. There is more about him coming down the pike. What is a story about triumph and defeating the odds without a grouchy old bastardo to try and ruin it?