Who's Your Daddy?

Since it is my ultimate goal for this tale to be for inner city kids or any kids for that matter - I am trying to keep this Rated G. However,these ducks did not get here by osmosis. Speck, the mama of these darlings, had to, well, have her way with a male. Trying not to be too graphic, but these ducks don't know who is related to who. This is O.P. (Oinko Piggo), Runtie and Speck's brother, and last remaining dude of their clutch. I have to be honest, I have witnessed incest.    :(

"He" is either Uncle O.P. or Pappa O.P. In my mind, he's the uncle. (BTW - this is taken right after he became a yearling and his feathers and appearance totally changed. He is quite handsome!) You can see he is related to Mama Elsa.

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