Experts - BAH!

Every day I did research. What to feed ducks, when, how, why. Water. Excercise. The "experts" said that the duckies couldn't swim without Mama.

Don't get them near water, except for drinking because they'll sink.

The Engineer, said "They're ducks"! He bought a large paint tray and put it in the play-pen. He barely got the thing out of his hand and they jumped in. PARTY IN THE POOL!

Like a duck takes to water as they say.

(My folks always told me, don't believe everything you read. This is so true here. Go with your gut)


Amanda said...

jodi - I just read through ALL of your posts. I've been wanting to for a while, but just haven't had a moment to breath.

I have to say I am loving your story. These ducks are so lucky to have you taking care of them! I'm sure it's true that on their own they couldn't have survived or learned how to swim, but I think the key in what the experts said is that they can't swim without their mama. They have a mama now :)

Be Kind said...

Wow thanks Amanda. This has been such a great experience. Thank you. This is very sweet of you to say. :)